Begin each day the same
Make your bed (it’s the little things that matter)
Dress for the day (morning hygiene)
Create a task list and make a daily schedule
Drink lots of water
Plan meals
Plan exercise, chores, fun play and projects/activities

Downloadable Routine Cards

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Encourage your kids to help around the house—the Montessori way

1. Set the Expectation
2. Offer Choices
3. Model the Behavior
4. Ask indirectly
5. Provide the tools
6. Give recognition
7. Make it fun!

Meal time

  • Prep snacks and veggies: Cut bananas, break broccoli stems, peel oranges, use a butter knife to spread peanut butter/jelly/butter etc. on toast or crackers, add toppings/spices/salt and pepper
  • Help to taste and add spices, salt and pepper to dishes (also helps to decrease sensitivity to certain spices and warm-up their palate for mealtime)
  • Help plate food items
  • Tear napkins and fold into squares, set them on table
  • Set table with silverware in correct position atop folded square napkins
  • Pour waters for everyone having dinner (pre measured water, from a pitcher or water dispenser)
  • Bring dirty dishes to dishwasher, can learn to place plates and silverware in proper locations
  • Wipe table down after dinner, use a squirt bottle to spray first
  • Begin to learn how to sweep items into a pile (still may need assistance)


  • Help transfer laundry from washer to dryer and turn on dryer
  • Help sort laundry into baskets (lights, darks and whites)
  • Lay out clothes, find the stains and spray with spot treatment (may want to have them wear gloves in case of leakage)
  • Match and fold socks: First find the matches, then lay the match atop each other, then roll them together
  • Put each family members underwear in proper drawers
  • Fold washcloths in halves or folded squares (folded in half twice)
  • After they have mastered folding washcloths, then teach them how to fold the larger item, towels
  • Put away folded piles of laundry into correct drawers, learning how to hold the folded piles with two hands without dropping them
  • Help put hangers into shirts and hand them to you while you hang them in the closet


  • Routinely clean up at bath time by putting bath toys away
  • Take out recycling: Find a handy-sized bag they can fill and carry out to the bin
  • Take out trash
  • Help find ripe fruits and veggies at the grocery store: Give them a baggie to fill and teach how to tell if a fruit/veggie is ready to eat
  • Take out items from dishwasher and help put away/organize
  • Clean the cabinets: Give them a wipie or wet washcloth and have them go to town
  • Clean up spills with towel
  • Water the plants with a squirt bottle or small watering can
  • Help dig, till, weed and plant seeds for a garden
  • Clean up a small room with encouragement, but break the tasks down into steps for them (for example, “First clean up the LEGO’s, then the books.”)
  • Clean up bookshelf independently (putting books in correct position with title facing out, cue them to “Turn it so we can read the words.”)
  • Help feed pet by scooping and pouring dog/cat food into bowl, filling up water bowl
  • Help spray and wash glass windows
  • Put away bikes and scooter when finished playing
  • Help put clean pillow cases onto pillow while you put clean sheets on the bed
  • Around age four, they can manage pushing a small vacuum