Parent Survey and Subsidy Money to hold your child’s seat and pay for childcare

(Income limit lifted! $740/month for full-time students)


We hope that all our families are doing well during this difficult time. We really miss all the children. We’ve heard and seen many of you on our Zoom Room line times with your children, but we wanted to reach out to you. As the state moves towards re-opening, Malama has discussed with DHS which protocols Malama would need to put into place to re-open. We are dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for all our children. Several Malama parents have reached out to us and expressed their need for childcare. Malama plans to re-open for Phase 1 on May 4th, joining the 20+ other programs on Maui already in operation. In order to plan for the future, we’re asking parents to please complete the small survey below asap (by Friday). It’s not a commitment, but we would appreciate your feedback so we can plan the next phase of our re-opening.

Every family has a unique situation, but there are several agencies trying to help. PATCH and other agencies are working hard to find a way to support families AND childcare centers during this time. As a result, Child Care Connection is temporarily lifting monthly gross income limits which would allow families impacted by Covid-19 to pay their childcare center to either: hold their child’s seat now or pay for childcare when sending their child back. 


It would really help us and you, if you could apply for this subsidy. We have the application and you can download it HERE. It needs to be printed, completed, and sent in with:

  • Valid ID for app and co-app
  • 2 Previous months income
  • DOH birth certificates for all children in the home, even if not requesting care for that child
  • Other documentation not required at this time.

IF you have lost your job due to covid related reasons, in the application, under “REASON FOR CHILD CARE (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)” – check off “Parents in Employment, Education or Training” and under write “COVID-19” in the empty space.

Please text me if you need us to print it for you and leave it in our driveway for pickup. 


They have limited funds, so please apply as soon as possible.