Social Outreach


Technology is your friendWhile social distancing discourages close face-to-face contact, especially in larger group settings, we live in an era where staying connected is easier than ever. Consider engaging your community through virtual events or by phone, or hosting video events through your social media

  • Zoom with your friends and family, a basic account is free for 40 minutes, or use Skype or Facetime
  • Plan a Virtual Play date with a neighbor, friend, or classmate
  • “Write” a letter to your friends and or family and ask for parent’s assistance to mail it
  • Draw a picture for a friend of family member 
  • Set up a Virtual Art Museum 
  • Collect all your art pieces and place them around your home. Invite friends and family to take a virtual museum tour
  • Host a virtual dance party with friends
  • Plan a Virtual “Open house” with a classmate to show them your house, room and yard/garden etc
  • Plan a Virtual Pet Show, get together with friends and show your pets (can be real or stuffed animal pets)
  • Instead of phoning, write letters to your friends and relatives. Try starting a round robin letter to your friends or relatives. First, make up a list of 3 – 5 people and their addresses; put your name and address last on the list. Write a letter to the first person on the list, and enclose a copy of the list of addresses. The person you wrote to writes a letter and sends it, your original letter, and the list of addresses to the next person on the list, and so forth. Eventually, all the letters will come back to you!