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Audiobook service, Audible, is offering free streams on a select number of children’s stories across six languages for free.

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Here are some Awesome Podcasts for Kids

Stories Podcast. This is probably the podcast we listen to most! Creative stories with historical, educational and/or moral themes mixed with lovely music! The narrator has an engaging way of telling the tales that truly grabs young listeners but engages adults as well! Quick heads up though, if you have considerably young listeners, make sure you read the story summary before starting to listen. Some stories cover historical events that may not be comfortable for extra young ears. 

Sesame Street Podcast. This podcast for kids features your children’s favorite muppets and uses lots of songs to teach things like how to be a good friend, the importance of sharing and new vocabulary words!

Peace Out Podcast. This podcast is perfect for days when you are stuck inside! Peace Out shares short stories that help children calm down and relax.  The host guides kiddos through visualization and breathing exercises. A great podcast to enjoy with your children to help you both relax and self-regulate.

Sparkle Stories Podcast. Looking for some different stories away from the traditional fairy tales or classics? Sparkles presents new and original tales that are great for kids and families who are audio book lovers (us!). Simple and lovely stories that captivate and will have your children forgetting about the television program they were begging to watch.

Dream Big Podcast. This podcasts for kids is wonderful for helping your child (and you) dream big and work towards goals! Short and sweet, it is perfect to listen to on the way to school, over breakfast or on to snuggle up on the couch with after school!

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids. Hmmmmm….science and story telling. I’m sensing a theme with the wonderful and great podcasts for children. And its not terribly surprising….nothing gets children’s curiosity and imagination going the way the wonders of the world and a beautifully told story do! And Tumble Science Podcast for kids is no different! Sharing everything from the wonders of the solar system to the science of poops and everything in between….your family is bound to laugh and learn with this podcast.

The Past and the Curious. This podcast makes learning about history fun for kids! A mix of silly stories and songs, this podcast is educational and engaging!

Storynory Podcast. Another beautiful podcast presenting fun stories, retellings and songs for your children. Each episode varies in length, so you can enjoy them in the car on a quick trip to the grocery store or save the longer ones to listen to in succession while on a road trip! 

Ear Snacks. This podcasts teaches kids about different places in the world in song form! A great podcast to listen to together as a family.

Wow in the World. Brought to us by those lovely and brilliant people behind NPR, Wow in the World presents scientific concepts in a fun and interesting way. You will likely learn just as much about a given topic as your child and have some wonderful conversation to boot. 

Story Pirates. This is podcast for kids is put on by actors, comedians, improvisers, and musicians who brings stories written by children to life!  

Book Club For Kids.A traditional book club but kid-style and in podcast form! This podcast brings together kids and the author to talk about a book! Also, the each episode features a celebrity reading a portion of the book! We’ve add so many books to our family must-read list from this podcast for kids!

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