The cost of child care and preschool can take a huge chunk out of a low to moderate income family’s budget. Fortunately, there are subsidy programs available to Maui County families that can provide financial aid to make early learning and care more affordable. For important information in general about the Subsidy process, call PATCH Hawaii at 856-4091.

Arbor Child Care Connection Hawai’i (CCCH) subsidy program helps low-income families to sustain their employment, educational efforts and job training by paying a subsidy for their children who are in the care of DHS-approved child care providers.  Unless child care is required for protective purposes, families must meet income and activity requirements to qualify for this subsidy program.

The subsidy amount varies based on the family’s gross monthly income, family size, type and cost of care, and, for CCCH only, the hours of the caretaker’s work activity.  The subsidy may not cover the full cost of care, thus families may be required to pay for some of the child care costs.

For families with children under the age of 13 years, the CCCH program provides subsidies to help pay for a variety of legal child care settings including:  care provided in the child’s home, care by relatives or friends in their home, before and after school programs, and preschools.  All child care providers, even if they are not licensed by DHS, need to have child abuse/neglect, adult perpetrator, and criminal history background checks completed in order to receive a DHS child care subsidy payment.  This is to help ensure that the child is in a safe setting. Parents will receive detailed information about these requirements during the application process.

CCCH program also provides families with: guidance in selecting a child care provider; information about quality child care programs; and referrals to community resources for help with other concerns.

Applications for child care services are accepted statewide, year-round.

Click here for application form.

For more information, call the Maui Arbor Education and Training office at (808) 249-2461.
Address: 200 S High St, Wailuku HI 96793

Preschool Open Doors can assist with preschool tuition:
POD promotes school readiness by providing child care subsidies to eligible families for the year prior to kindergarten. The Department of Human Services (DHS) contracts with PATCH to run the program.

For the 2016-17 school year, priority will be children born August 1 – December 31, 2011 who are under-served or at-risk. Eligible families select the DHS-licensed group child care facility (i.e. preschool) of their choice. Household size and monthly gross income also are used to determine priority. POD does not require parents/guardians to be employed, in school, or job training to qualify for assistance. Income eligibility for tuition subsidies is based on a monthly gross family income not exceeding the amounts below. The subsidy amount is based on a sliding fee scale using the family monthly gross income and the maximum POD rate allowed for the selected preschool.
Address: 1063 Lower Main Street Suite C-214, Wailuku HI 96793
Phone: 808 242 9232
For more info click here.
Click here for income eligibility.

Good Beginnings Maui County Child Care Subsidy offers financial assistance for early childhood care and preschool to families of children from birth to under kindergarten age.

Families who are working or attending school full time can apply for partial payment assistance for child care up to $200/month.

The criteria for eligibility for the Good Beginnings Maui County Child Care Subsidy are as follows:

• Parents/Guardians must be working or in school/job training at least 30 hours per week. (A request for an exception to this requirement can be considered. The applicant must submit a written request explaining the family’s situation and attach it to the application.)
• Maximum allowable monthly gross income based on family size is shown in the Income Guideline Table on the first page of the application. This is a baseline requirement and does not automatically mean that a family will qualify for assistance.
• Eligible children must meet age requirement.
• Eligible child care providers must be licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services (i.e. preschool, infant/toddler center, or licensed family child care provider). A list of qualified providers may be obtained from PATCH at 242-9232.

Call the Maui County Early Childhood Resource center at (808) 242-1608 or email Melanie at for current deadlines and cut off date of births and/or pick up a form. Address: 251 Napua Street, Wailuku HI 96793

Kamehameha Schools Pauahi Keiki Scholars Program provides tuition assistance to families whose children attend certain qualified preschools. Priority is given to children 3 and 4 years old who are of Hawaiian ancestry and who demonstrate financial need. For tuition information click here.  The awards are need-based and families must reapply each year the student attends the preschool.

Deadline is the end of April of each year.

For more information call (808) 572-3133.

Keiki O Ka Aina HELP Program provides assistance to qualified Native Hawaiian families to pay for child care for children under 13 years old (under 19 for some children with special needs) while parents are working or in school/job training. For more information call (808) 843-2502. Application period is open year round but there may be a waitlist pending availability of funds.

Feeling overwhelmed by all of this information and not sure where to start? Call the Good Beginnings Maui County Early Childhood Resource Center at 242-1608 for personalized guidance on how, when and where to apply for the programs appropriate to your family’s situation.